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Service Excellence with a Human Touch

Service Excellence

with a Human Touch

In 2013, Remote Reps Founder and CEO Chad Castruita had a vision to solve the business outsourcing industry puzzle—with the missing piece: a transparent and open culture that spans countries, people, and backgrounds. With that goal in mind, Chad and his Remote Reps team created a company dedicated to raising the level of outsourcing –for a resiliency and people-centric feel with a human touch that wins for both clients and employees.

Today, as one of the fastest-growing global workforces in the industry, Remote Reps has expanded our renowned problem-solving service excellence with a human touch. Our resourceful, resilient, and innovative top-notch talent provides service excellence across 20+ countries. We are a dedicated, trustworthy, and uniquely client- and customer-centric partner to leading brands--from small- to large-sized businesses across healthcare, financial, technology, hospitality, education, and real estate industries.

The Remote Reps solution portfolio includes:

Our clients count on us for our reliability and trust in building the right team, matched with their unique business goals and customized support requirements. We’ve taken care of the daunting task of cultivating and fostering a pool of valuable, high-demand professionals, ready for client assignment. This includes the search, interview, testing, vetting, set-up, ramp-up, ongoing motivation and retention.

Remote Reps team members are multilingual, highly educated and experienced, articulate, passionate and dedicated. Unburdened by historical designs, our professionals have the ability to work in either quiet, tech-enabled home offices around the world, or corporate facilities in select regions, primarily in Latin America and Asia.

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