Our meaningful customer experience leverages a proactive focus on professional first call resolution.

Today’s businesses are facing a high bar for customer experience excellence—while also grappling with labor challenges, service expertise, and innovation. Remote Reps/Global Services Connections engages and retains your customer through individualized service excellence that matters, enhanced by kind, respectful, and prompt resolution of needs.

Scale talented staff at a cost advantage.

Differentiating process for accessing top global talent that spans the globe, quickly and effectively, for scale, up to 40% cost savings, and enhanced CSAT

Ensure dedicated customer support.

Effortless communication options to meet every customer’s preference through text, email, call or chat

Provide stellar CX with omnichannel solutions.

Professional guidance through a proven approach to simplify customer access to care, information, and support

Our Solutions

  • Healthcare member eligibility and benefits
  • Healthcare provider eligibility and claims inquiry
  • Healthcare remote patient monitoring
  • General customer service
  • Provider data management
  • Clinical coordination and scheduling
  • Open enrollment support
  • Complaints management

Services are offered with omnichannel options.


Up to 40% Cost Savings


98% CSAT Averages


Drove AHT Decreases for Clients of up to 40%

Showcase Story

When a scalable B2B SaaS company needed to aggregate data for essential web optimization, they turned to Remote Reps for offshore customer service support, for lean operations and value creation via insights.

Building Better Customer Experience

Achieving 30% savings for B2B SaaS company

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