Our people
are our most
valuable assets.

It’s no secret that quality people infuse an organization with
efficiency and productivity. But where do you find them?

We’ve taken care of the daunting task of cultivating a pool of valuable, high-demand professionals. That includes the search, interview, set-up, ramp-up, ongoing motivation and retention.

The result is a likable, hard-working, respected workforce, ready to serve. We love what we do, and love being able to make a difference for all who choose to work with us.

Your Brand

The most important interactions in business occur in sales and support. The people trusted to represent your brand at this level carry an incredible amount of responsibility. We do not take this responsibility lightly.

  • Remote Reps are chosen for their ability to communicate your brand message in a bright, friendly, clear and supportive way.
  • Remote Reps’ goals are your goals, one of the benefits of staffing a dedicated remote resource.
  • Remote Reps will be held accountable through meticulous tracking against your KPIs requirements.

We’ll rave on all day about our reps if you let us. But the numbers speak for themselves. Real-time reporting provides the transparency and accountability you need to know all systems are firing – whether you choose to stay involved or let our management team handle everything.


Our culture of trust and transparency starts at the top. You’ll find our leadership team available and accessible, taking an active role in guiding your success.

Chad Remote Reps
Chad Castruita Founder & CEO
Viralkumar Shekhalia VP of Operations
Cindy Ponce VP of Client Care
Muhammad Nabeel VP of Partnerships
Carlos Castillo Client Success Manager
Arturo Castillo HR Manager
Hugo Catano Head of Training Dept
Collena Williams Director of Recruitment

Meet Some of Our Reps

Multilingual, highly educated and experienced, articulate, passionate and dedicated. Our reps earn our respect daily. We reward them with new opportunities for personal development, training and education.

Unburdened by a daily commute, or the need to live near a brick-and-mortar facility, our reps are located in quiet, tech-enabled home offices around the world, primarily in nearby regions in Central America and off the coast of the United States.

Marjorie Fernandez Position Here
Margarito Estrada Position Here
Jaymie Mendoza Position Here
Alejandro Irias Position Here
Aldwin Austria Remote Reps
Aldwin Austria Position Here
Anner Villanueva Remote Reps
Anner Villanueva Position Here
Managed Over

2800 Remote
Reps for 350
US Brands

Executed Over

58.8M calls,
6.3M emails,
and 7M chats


Reps – 91%
Clients – 90%

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