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Do the reps speak good English?
Yes – Our multilingual workforce speaks fluent English. Clear, articulate communication is an essential priority in our hiring process and training. Most speak without a trace of an accent. You will hear for yourself during the rep selection process: enthusiasm, focus and a desire to serve.

Will we have access to the reps?
Yes – Just like an in-house team, reach out to your reps at any time. Call or chat with just one click. In addition, log in any time to monitor real-time productivity metrics and call recordings.

Are they dedicated/exclusive to my business?
Yes – Absolutely. 100%. This allows Reps to be more motivated and efficient. It simplifies management. We can extend the highest level of accountability and control to our clients, and our clients greater peace-of-mind.

Do you assist with training?
YesWe handle training in entirety or support you collaboratively, onboarding as quickly as you need. We use a train-the-trainer model through our learning management system.

Will we have access to the call recordings, reports, analytics?

Is it realistic to remotely manage people effectively?
Yes – For nearly a decade, we have successfully leveraged technology to collaborate, monitor, and manage our entire remote workforce, as seamlessly as if we were all in the same room. Our clients choose to be involved in varying capacities, ranging from very hands on to

Is it better than a call-center model?
Yes – When you remove the limitations of a brick-and-mortar facility, we can build a team faster from a global pool of candidates who possess the specific skills and talent to handle your needs. Call Centers also lack transparency. With Remote Reps you select the reps yourself and always know who is representing your brand.

Will my data be safe?
Yes – We operate at the highest standards of confidentiality and data security. No one can access your valuable data except for approved users with credentials.

We know that doesn’t cover it all. If you’d like to talk more about your specific needs and goals, we’d love to hear from you.

It’s been a pleasure working with RemoteReps
and we’d recommend them to anyone looking
to build their business.
- Mark Samuels, CEO
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RemoteReps quickly understood my business needs and put together a comprehensive program that resulted in a slew of leads, appointments and closed deals.
- Greg Casey, President
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Their relationships, know-how and process
has been a game changer for us.
- Aris, CEO & Founder
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